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Protestant Great Church (Nagytemplom)
The most characteristic classicistic Hungarian building, the Great Church, can be found in the middle of the city on the Kossuth square. A church already stood on the site in the 14th century. The current building was erected between 1805 and 1823 (the first service was already held in 1819) based on the plans of the architect József Thaler, who also used previous plans of Mihály Péchy.

Protestant Small Church (Csonkatemplom)
At the entrance to the market square, opposite the Great Church stands the most particular building of Debrecen, the Small Protestant Church with its truncated tower, the oldest church of the city.

Déri Museum
Its biggest value is the joint display of the trilogy painted by Mihály Munkácsy, that is of ""Christ in Front of Pilate"", ""Golgotha"" and ""Ecce homo"".

Déri Square
On the Déri Square three Medgyesi sculptures and one by Tivadar Debreczeny are on display. The outdoor sculptures of Medgyesi in the square are: Venus of Debrecen, Dancing Woman, Sitting shape of Zsigmond Móricz. The square is also adorned by the nude woman sculpture titled ""Ponderer"" (""Merengő"") by Debreczeny.

Csokonai Theatre
The Csokonai Theatre's tradition goes back around 150 years and is the central workshop for acting and theatre in Debrecen. The theatre has drama, dance and opera divisions, three acting areas (stages), and due to its rich repertoire provides great entertainment for all ages. Classic operas, popular operettes, musicals and famous plays of world literature are on schedule, as well as contemporary Hungarian plays.

Zoo and Amusement Park
The Debrecen Zoo under the magical trees of the Great Forest is open to visitors for more than half a century already. The Great Forest Cultural Park celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2008.
debreceni állatkert

Hortobágy National Park
The Hortobágy National Park was the first national park of Hungary, established by the Hungarian National Nature Preservation Office on 01 January 1973. Its size encompasses 82 000 hectares. On 30 November 1999, at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in Marrakech (Morocco), the whole area of the Hortobágy National Park was added to the list of World Heritage Sites.

Debrecen International Airport
The Debrecen International Airport is the most important and busiest airport in Eastern Hungary, one of five international airports in Hungary. Almost all the traffic of the airport is made up of arriving and departing charter flights.
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The Old Post Office Inn

The Régi Posta Étterem és Fogadó (The Old Post Office Restaurant and Inn) is one of the oldest remaining buildings of the city of Debrecen, built in the 1690s. It survived several great fires and retained its original function throughout the times.  The building was also considered one of the most notable patrician houses of the city.  The site with the house of the main magistrate and the inn building can easily be identified on a map of the city from 1771.

Old Post Office restaurant

The Régi Posta Étterem (Old Post Office Restaurant) is Hungarian-style cellar restaurant. Its special charm for 21st century visitors is evoked by its long history. Our guests can dip into this special atmosphere, and can ascertain themselves that the completely refurbished restaurant building retained its traditional values, while also meeting all requirements of our age.

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